Franne Schwarb | April 29, 2024

Do you have siblings?  Where are you in the birth order?

I am the eldest of 4.  One brother 4 years younger and twins, a boy and a girl, 8 years younger.  

You can see by this picture that my sister and I are pretty close.  We are always making each other laugh.  My grandchildren think she hung the moon, and she did!  

When my husband died my siblings and their spouses jumped into action.  They were here in 24 hours.  They stepped in and took over in so many ways.  Grateful doesn't cover it.

They allow me to come visit.  My sister and her husband treat me like the princess I think I am.  My brothers put up with me and that's saying a lot...they know I adore them.

Would you like to write a blog here and tell the world about your siblings?  I would be honored to welcome you.  Email me at [email protected].  

Everyday should be siblings day!

Yours in real estate,


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