Is Summer over?

Franne Schwarb | August 9, 2023

Why does it feel like Summer is over and it's only August?  Why does Costco have Halloween costumes out already?  

Just because Camp Grandma is over it doesn't mean the fun of Summer is over, it just feels like it.  I look forward to having my grands come and visit all year long and then, pouf, they came and went.  I can still go to the beach.  I can still have ice cream.  It just isn't as much fun.  

This was the hottest Summer on record and we did not spend as much time outside.  The pool wasn't as cooling as it should have been and we could have fried an egg on the concrete, but it didn't keep the youngest grandgirl from going down the slide more times than I could count.  

The Aquarium was as wonderful as ever, except the grandboy said he had "already done that" so he didn't go with us.  Being 13 changes your "tour" priorities I guess. 

This Grandma enjoyed her house guests so much!  Sorry Costco, not ready for Halloween.

Happy August!

Grandma Franne

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