Do Over

Franne Schwarb | September 18, 2023

The Jewish religion celebrates its New Year in the Fall.  (Yes, I'm Jewish. My late husband and children were/are Catholic, but that's another blog.)  We use the Lunar calendar so the date changes, but it's always in the Fall.  I've come to call that my "Do Over".  I get the opportunity to celebrate a new year twice each year.  That means I can make New Year's resolutions twice.  This year I needed that opportunity. 

1.  It's time to be outside more.  Why live near the beach if you don't go?  Yes, I will take advantage of living here more. 

2. There are so many museums and opportunities to enjoy art in Charleston.  I will go to the Art Walk downtown and visit museums.

3.  Eat right...what does that mean?  I eat nothing or all the wrong foods.  I have to do better at that.

4.  Number 3 leads to cooking better.  For my sake and Jeremy's I will include more vegetables and lean protein.

5.  Finally, I will show gratitude more and frown less.  It's normal to have days when I miss my late husband, children, and grands, but those are the days I should go to the beach.  I go to the gym as often as possible, which helps my gratitude attitude, but the beach would be even better.

Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends.  



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