When in life you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Real estate isn’t any different than sports, or everyday life. One of our clients may love the location of house “A”, but house “B” has been updated. They make an offer on house “A” based on its condition and what they think it will cost to bring it up to 2020 standards. The seller says no, sorry, I can’t sell for that price. We move on to house “B”. They buy it and live happily ever after. Yes, sometimes the team writes multiple offers, but what matters is our client.

When my family moved to Charleston in 1996, I came to visit my late husband already working here on a weekend and went back to Atlanta knowing what house I loved. My husband knew that house would make the transition easier for me. I was already a REALTOR® in Atlanta and did not want to leave my established business behind. It took him and our Charleston REALTOR® three contracts before they had a “deal” on the house I still live in. It was perfect then and it’s perfect now.

Our job is to find our clients the house that works best for them. We’ll keep trying until you, our clients are happy.

Need help, have questions? Contact one of us. Yes, we make house calls.

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