What's a COVID?

What’s a COVID?

How will we show property?  What about our listings?  What do we tell our sellers?  Can we have open houses?  Will photographers take pictures of our new listings?  If lenders are working from home can they still work efficiently? Will attorneys have their offices open?  Can we go to closings?  Will the courthouse be open and recording deeds? What if a buyer gets sick?  What if a seller gets sick?  What if we get sick?  Will our office be open?  Can we apply for any of the business funds available?  Masks everywhere?

Almost 5 months into COVID looking back on all the questions we asked seems strange. Some questions were downright self-centered but how do you plan for something you have never experienced?  This is how we put food on our table, and we wondered if we were even eligible for any of the programs being put in place.  We are independent contractors and had no idea what that meant with things like applying for unemployment.  Would our significant others remain employed?  In my case that meant my son working at Publix.  What if he got sick? Could I live on his income alone? 

As a team we have weathered the storm fairly well, so far. Our loyal clients are still loyal.  Our listings are still going under contract. Maybe not as quickly but that’s ok as long as they sell.  We aren’t doing open houses unless we must, and we know what precautions to take.  We show property in masks, social distance and do not let buyers get in our cars. We miss seeing each other and our friends in the office.  That is real life for everyone, so we suffer along with you.  

We hope you are weathering the storm. We know your lives are not “normal” either and we feel your pain.  If you need any advice or help in our area of expertise, real estate, feel free to contact us.  It does not have to mean you are selling or buying. Just need to ask a question we are here.  After all, where are we going to go?  


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August 18th, 2020 | By Charleston Fine Homes | All Articles