What Do You Think About During Quarantine?

As we sit in quarantine or isolation, whatever your preferred term what are you thinking about? I am a Mom and Grandma first so of course that is what I dwell on. When will I see my out of state children again and even more important when will I see my 4 grandchildren again? Will all their summer camps be cancelled so they will spend more time with me, or will we still not be traveling, and they won’t be able to get here at all?

I am enjoying working in my garden and it looks the best it has ever looked, but I do not want to venture to my favorite nursery and buy anything new. The smell of fertilizer has replaced the delightful smell of sitting with friends in the office and eating lunch.

My home copier is working overtime to replace the one at my office that I used every day.

My home office was so depressing I gave it a fresh coat of paint.

Am I eating more or less? Less trips to the grocery store mean I must be more organized. No running in on my way home from work.

AND always on my mind, how are my clients? The ones that cannot get showings or a contract are not happy with me or the market. I am running more ads and publicizing more but nothing seems to help them. My listings that are selling result in some incredibly happy people. Living on commission with so far, no government loans even though my team and I have applied makes sales imperative.

I am opening windows, playing music louder, dancing when no one can see me and humming as I do my walks. (Not riding my bike much since I fell off a few weeks ago.)

I wish you all joy, happiness and good health!

Franne, aka Mom, aka Grandma, aka Realtor®

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May 3rd, 2020 | By Charleston Fine Homes | All Articles