This blog is taking a little “poetic license”. So much fun to think about what it was like to be a kid in the summer. Staying out until dark, catching fireflies, (I’m from up north.) and singing along with all the summer songs, like this one: Summer Of '69.

Summer in Charleston may just be the most hot and humid I have ever been. I am older than the rest of my team and my house had no air conditioning. One of my brothers woke up in the middle of the night and turned off all the fans. Do not ask me why but the morning found us 4 kids sleeping upstairs bathed in sweat.

Thank fully with all this heat we have some cool places to go. One of my favorites is the aquarium. The sea turtles that are being treated for various ailments is my favorite spot. You can touch Stingrays as they swim around, touch other animals that they bring out of cages like a snake, no thank you, but my granddaughter was not afraid. They have special family and grandparent memberships. Click the link to learn more: SC Aquarium

Take time to enjoy the beach and all the parks. If you live in Charleston County you can get a park pass that gives you free admission and parking in most Charleston County spots. Click this link to find out more: Charleston County Park Passes

The real estate world goes on heat or no heat. Yes, we are on a wild ride. Realtors did not make this market, contrary to what an appraiser accused us of last week. Supply and demand make the market. The value of a home is what a seller is willing to sell it for and a buyer is willing to pay. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you have real estate questions? Want to know what your home is worth? Want to know what services we provide? Just ask us. You can reach us at or fill out one of our forms on this site. All three of us are available to help summer, fall, winter, or spring. You can specify which one of us you would like to hear from. No hurt feelings on our team

Enjoy the summer and if you need some cool refreshment stop at Pelicans Snoball. More information at this link: Pelican Snoballs