Spring Prep!

Spring is finally here. After months of uncertainty and isolation it will feel so good to be out in the garden again. This winter was harsh for Charleston. Many of my plants were very frost bitten but I am happy to see my Azaleas getting ready to bloom.

Spring Garden

Here is a good spring “chore” list.

  • Make sure all your shrubs, bushes and trees are trimmed away from your house. Branches hanging over the roof can fall and cause damage, leaves can clog gutters and shrubs against the house encourage pest intrusion.
  • Speaking of gutters…clean them out. If they are loose secure them. If you don’t have any now may be the time to think about directing water away from your foundation.
  • Mulch your garden shrubs and plants. When the temperature goes up plant roots dry out quickly. Keeping the roots well mulched will decrease your need to water. Fertilize lawn and garden as needed.
  • If you have an in-ground sprinkler system test it to be sure there are no leaks and all areas are getting watered properly.
  • Walk around your home and check window caulking. Keeping your windows well caulked is one of the most important maintenance items for a homeowner.
  • Check your exterior paint. Is it flaking or peeling? Paint before it gets too hot outside.
  • While you are outside check the light bulbs on your outside fixtures. Make sure they all work.
  • Make sure your air conditioning system is working properly. Have your unit (s) serviced before the companies get too busy. Change your filters often for most efficient system use.
  • Thinking of selling? Call your favorite Realtors®, us.
  • We’ll take care of the rest.

- Franne

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March 26th, 2021 | By Charleston Fine Homes | All Articles