Charleston Azaleas

Spring? Did you see my friend Spring? I think she walked right past us and let Summer walk right in the door. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons, but enough about me.

What’s new with you? Did you buy tickets to the Wine and Food Festival and have a great time, or are you going to Tennis? I chose tennis this year. I was an avid player in my younger years and love the thrill of the crowd. (They also have fun food and beverages.)

It’s golf season too and the Masters is right around the corner. My Azaleas always bloom around the same time as the ones at Augusta National. Many of you know that my son covers golf for Sports Illustrated. There is a column that comes out every morning. If you would like to subscribe the link is: https://www.si.com/newsletters I love talking golf with him and reading about all the twists and turns with LIV Golf. (Not going to take sides here.)

Real Estate really has nothing to do with this blog. I’ll just say it’s what I do and I’m as passionate about that as I am about talking golf with my son. I’m a REALTOR®. Not all real estate agents are. If you would like to talk to me about anything real estate related or golf, you can email me at: Franne@CharlestonFineHomes.com.

Happy Spring…and Summer!


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March 7th, 2023 | By Charleston Fine Homes | All Articles