Official Start of Summer

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Memorial Day weekend is the official start of summer. In Charleston it means many things:

  1. Get to the beach early if you want a parking space.
  2. If you don’t start quickly at a red light you will get honked by someone from “off”. They don’t know our horns aren’t used in Charleston.
  3. It’s snake mating season. Watch out.
  4. It’s alligator mating season. Watch out.
  5. Prepare to wait for a table outside at Poe’s.
  6. The hotter it gets the grumpier people get at the grocery store.
  7. No shirt, no shoes, it’s ok.
  8. Shag time.
  9. Our state bird is the mosquito.
  10. Enjoy the summer.

-- Franne

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May 24th, 2022 | By Charleston Fine Homes | All Articles