Has COVID made you analyze your life?

Has COVID made you analyze your life? Think about what is important and what can fall by the wayside?

We all have our own stories to tell. The 3 of us have totally different backgrounds. You can read more about that on our website. As for me, if 70 is the new 50 I’m 50, but if truth be told I’m in the “twilight” of my life. My children and grandchildren say I will live forever but I know better.

Has age changed how I approach my real estate career? Yes and no. If anything my contracts are tighter. I don’t leave room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding. We will make the following repairs spelled out if I represent the seller or we want the following repairs spelled out if I represent the buyer. My clients expect that I will represent them in a proper and precise manor, and I try hard to cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s.

I love having listings. Does it wake me up in the middle of the night worrying if they sit on the market too long? Of course, but in this market it’s not a big problem if we price them right.

I have limited the buyers that I will work with. With my wonderful team and their knowledge and energy I pass some along to them. That’s the joy and purpose of having a team.

Do I think about retirement? Doesn’t everyone? But here is that word again, team. As long as I am surrounded by Chari and Yvette to give me a break when I need one I’ll keep working. After all, I own the domain name, AskFranne.com. Go ahead, ask me any real estate related question.


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March 1st, 2021 | By Charleston Fine Homes | All Articles