Easter Meet Passover

Easter Bunny Paddleboarding

My late husband was Catholic and I’m Jewish. Our children were raised Catholic, but I stayed true to my roots. We went to church on almost every Sunday. I felt worshiping as a family was the most important part and G-d doesn’t care where you prayed as long as you did.

We usually spent Easter with my husband’s family in Cincinnati. We lived in Atlanta. Most years we had already had a mini Sedar at home and Easter was in the middle of my giving up all things leavened. Year after year my mother-in-law would ask why I wasn’t eating cake or the bun on Skyline chilli-dogs and year after year I would tell her it was Passover. Was she trying to “get my goat”? Probably, but I was proud of my faith and never wavered. Now that my children are grown with children of their own my grandchildren are introduced to my traditions along with Christian ones. That’s what makes us a family.

-- Franne

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Easter Passover

April 11th, 2022 | By Charleston Fine Homes | All Articles