Back to School

Sorry folks, I’ve had a busy summer with two sessions of Camp Grandma, a major birthday, don’t ask, and lots of travel.

I noticed some school buses on the road this week and that can only mean one thing, it’s back to school time.

I have fond memories of standing at the top of our driveway waiting for the school bus to arrive. A block away another mom was waiting too, but she was sobbing. I’ll never forget her calling me after her four children left and moaning about how sad she was that the summer was over. What? Are you kidding me? Do the words “hot coffee” mean anything to you? Drinking it with no interruptions or child-filled emergencies. Why the heck are any of you crying? Okay, if a child is leaving for college, I totally get it. I sobbed all the way home from DC when my daughter left, but younger children?

Now that I’m a grandma I look back on those days with very mixed emotions. I’ve shed tears because my children and grands live so far away. I’ve shed tears because my eldest grandchild is a senior in high school and where did the time go? I’ve shed tears because my late husband is not here to have all the joy and fun, I’m having with four amazing grandchildren. Regrets that I never shed tears when school started? NEVER!

Happy Fall ya’ll! I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving when my entire family is here.

-- Franne

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back to school

August 19th, 2022 | By Charleston Fine Homes | All Articles